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CISLE Conference 2020

Relocation to Innsbruck


information and Renewed Call for Papers 


Dear friends and colleagues,


We are sure that you have heard of the eruption of the Volcano Taal not far from Manila, the cloud and rain of ashes and the necessity of wearing breathing masks also in Manila, the ten thousands of people who had to leave their homes, and the temporary closure of Manila Airport. The Seismographic Institute in Manila warned that "a catastrophic eruption might happen any time, within days, weeks, or months".


Taking heed of this warning we have found that we cannot take the risk of asking you to come to Manila for our CISLE Conference in July as planned. Instead of cancelling our conference we have decided to relocate it to the hub of CISLE - Innsbruck -  but to stick to our dates from 20 - 24 July:



Centre for the International Study

of Literatures in English




Collisions of Cultures.

Frictions and Reshapings


University of Innsbruck

20 - 24 July 2020


As planned, the Conference will be chaired by Prof. Lily Rose Tope (Head of the Department of English and Comparative Literature, University of the Philippines) in cooperation with Prof. Wolfgang Zach (Director of CISLE, University of Innsbruck), who will act as local organizer.


Please let us ask you to inform us if you want to take part in our CISLE Conference held at Innsbruck as soon as possible.

Please direct all your messages and files to both

Lily Rose Tope


Wolfgang Zach


We should like to add that we are only aiming at ca. 60 speakers from all the world. This is what we had at all our CISLE Conferences in recent years (at

Barcelona, Innsbruck, Montreal, Göttingen, Ljubljana) , which led to a

particularly communicative international atmosphere and facilitated the publication of

our attractive conference volumes (series SECL at Stauffenburg Publ. Tuebingen). We want to continue this at Innsbruck and further conferences.


Conference Theme and Call for Papers and Abstracts:

In accordance with our conference theme "Collisions of Cultures: Frictions and Reshapings" you are invited to present a paper on any aspect of our umbrella theme and related topics. We especially welcome contributions that investigate literary moments and sites of contention, resistance, conflation, syncretism and transformation in Anglophone literatures and cultures.

Authors are invited to speak about important aspects of their works and to give readings from them.

We ask you for your proposal of a theme and an abstract (ca.150 - 250 words) plus a brief bio (ca. 100 - 150 words).



In view of this relocation and the ensuing problems  of communication we have extended our deadline for the receipt of abstracts, registrations, and conference fees to 31 March but we would be delighted to hear from you and to receive your files as soon as possible.



Scholarly and Social Programme:

Slots for lectures are 30 minutes (incl. brief discussion) and there will be special readings by participating writers and book launches, also in the evening. Other arrangements need to be discussed. 

Receptions and excursions by bus to some of the numerous scenic and cultural highlights in Innsbruck and the Tyrol as well as some special cultural events will also be organized. All this and of course a copy of our conference programme is included in the registration fee.


Registration Fee: 

We would ask you to send your registration fee not in Dollars but in Euros:215 Euros plus all bank and postal charges - per person, also accompanying persons!), which we ask you to transmit to the following account in Innsbruck:

Dr. Wolfgang Zach CISLE Registration

HypoTirol Bank


IBAN: AT745700030055591471.


Registration Form:  

In our registration form we have also included questions concerning the duration of your stay at Innsbruck and your required accommodation at our Conference Centre, which we ask you to fill in as we have to reserve your accommodation asap.


Venue, Accommodation and Meals:

We have been able to book all the facilities at a fine conference centre closely connected with Innsbruck University and the Tyrolean Government, the 

Higher Education and Seminar Centre Grillhof

Grillhofweg 100, 6080 Innsbruck.

It is scenically situated, with a beautiful view of the mountains, the seminar house with a glass front (the foto shows the wintry mountains in snow mirrored in its front) and it was completely refurbished recently. The Grillhof is ca. 6 kms from the centre of Innsbruck but there is a bus stop not far away and taxis are also easily available.

It offers double and single rooms (all ensuite) with all (also vegetarian) superb meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a drink at meals) plus coffee during our breaks included during the whole conference at the following rates: 

118 Euros in a Singe Room/or Single in a Double Room (incl. all meals) per day (4 nights 472 Euros, 5 nights 590 Euros, 6 nights 708 Euros) and

107 Euros in a Double Room (incl. all meals) per person per day (4 nights 428 Euros p.p., 5 nights 535 Euros p.p., 6 nights 642 Euros p.p.)

 The rooms are only available from July 19 - 25. Accompanying persons are most welcome and will find many interesting discoveries to make and activities to do. 

Please note that the number of rooms at our Conference Centre is limited. Therefore, the early booking of rooms is strongly recommended.  

Please pay the total sum (bank and postal charges added) into this special account:

Dr. Wolfgang Zach CISLE Accommodation

HypoTirol Bank Innsbruck, Austria


IBAN: AT245700030055591498.



Our conference sessions will begin in the late afternoon of Monday, July 20 and end after lunch on Friday, July 24 (excursion in the afternoon). Should you need to change the dates of your booking, you can do this without being charged but we ask you to inform us as early as possible. If you want to arrive in Innsbruck before July 19 or to stay longer than July 25 (morning), we would recommend suitable hotels to you.  


Letters of invitation:

Please let us know should you need a special letter of invitation. We will gladly send one to you.



Innsbruck has an international airport but most of the transcontinental flights are via Frankfort, Vienna, or London. There is also a big airport at Munich, ca. 180 kms from Innsbruck, which is connected by bus, train or special taxi service. From Munich I would recommend the booking of the minibus taxi service Four Seasons Travel. They will take you from Munich Airport right to our Conference Centre = your accommodation. Should you arrive at Innsbruck Airport or Main Station I would recommend the taking of a taxi to our Conference Centre. Should we receive your exact modes of travelling and arrival times we would inform you of possibilities of sharing taxis. 


Hoping to hear from you soon and to have the pleasure of meeting you at Innsbruck in July,


with best wishes,


Lily Rose Tope and Wolfgang Zach


PS from Wolfgang: 

For fotos of Innsbruck and the Tyrol please see our attachment and

Please let me add that my wife, Hannelore, who many of you know, will assist me as in the past, especially in organizing our social programme, and that she is looking froward to meeting many old friends and to making new ones as much as I do. 

“Glorious Outsiders”: Queer Pasts and Futures in Irish Performance (NUI Galway, April 14-15 2020  (See PDF Below)